What to expect from your Bridal Makeup Artist

Over the past 8 years of doing bridal makeup I have been part of hundreds of wedding mornings so I thought I would share with you what you should expect from your Makeup Artist for your big day!


You can expect your trial to be done between 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding day. This ensures you have the look you would like fresh in your mind and also your Makeup Artists mind. Bring as many pictures as you can to your trial if you do have an idea of what makeup style you are after. It is a good idea to send them to your Makeup Artist in advance. Your trial will last anywhere between 1-2 hours. It is important to have a thorough chat about what look you are after, what your Makeup Artist thinks will suit you and what style of makeup you are after. After all my trials with Brides I write detailed notes of the products I used and how I used them, and also take various pictures capturing your look.
It is important to be able to keep your trial makeup on for at least 5 hours so you can see how well your makeup has lasted, and how it feels on your face throughout the day.

Wedding day

Prior to your wedding date, you should discuss with your Makeup Artist how long the makeup will take for each person and also consider how long the hairdresser will take to do your bridal parties hair. Your morning is a huge part of your day, so you want to feel relaxed and enjoy every moment. I work with all Brides to ensure we start early enough to ensure there is no mad rush and there is plenty of time for everything else you need to do that morning.
A few tips - It is an idea to have your hair done before your makeup where possible as the constant heat from the hairdryer may interfere with your makeup. Makeup sure you are makeup free, have your teeth brushed and have exfoliated well prior to having your makeup done on your wedding day. Wear your everyday clothes/dressing gown to have your makeup done - don't ever have your dress on while you are getting your makeup done!
Your Makeup Artist should be there to make you look the best version of yourself and you should enjoy every moment!


Francesca xx