What style makeup do you want?

How will you wear your makeup for your Wedding Day?

Wedding season is slowly creeping upon us and now is the time to start thinking about what style of makeup you want for your big day.

There are several questions I ask Brides during their consultation to establish what look they are after. What kind of theme do you have for your wedding day - glamorous, romantic, retro, vintage? Do you have a colour scheme? What does your dress look like? The style of your hair.

It is also really important to consider how you usually wear your makeup for a special occasion. Most Brides want to look a polished and more glamorous version of themselves, so if you have never worn red lips before you may really want to consider if this is something you would want to do for your Wedding day.
You also want to make sure your makeup doesn't date and is relatively classic. You want to look back at your wedding pictures in twenty years time and don't want to cringe at how you had your makeup.

You also need to consider that professional photography is very different to a standard camera. As a Bridal Makeup Artist I ensure the products and techniques I use compliment the photographs and that don't create any harsh white areas on your face. You want to make sure that you have enough makeup on to look beautiful in pictures and focusing on an area of your face is a great way to do this. Most of the times Brides ask me for a relatively smokey eye and lighter lips. This is a perfect look for Brides.
Look through lots of pictures of people with similar colourings to you to get an idea of how you think you might like your makeup. Make sure your Makeup Artist has a thorough consultation with you and asks you all the questions above as they do all matter!

However you wear your makeup make sure you have at least one trial with all the same products you will use on your Wedding Day and if possible try and time your makeup trial with your hair trial or dress fitting

Francesca xx