Wedding makeup

Wedding makeup

  • As having your makeup and hair done on your big day is such an important and personal experience I thought it would be nice tell you a little bit more about myself and the team...

  • At the weekend I did the makeup and hair of my beautiful friend Jo.

  • So a few weeks ago I woke up at the crack of dawn to do the makeup of Dominique in the most beautiful venue, Swarling Manor near Canterbury. It is such a beautiful venue in the middle of nowwhere with just a few sheep and cows doted around.

  • This month I am totally in love my Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Lauren.

    You can use this over your concealer to add radiance to your under eye area, and help banish any dark circles. You can also use without concealer for a more natural look whilst adding radiance to your face.

  • Whilst make artists can do an amazing job of covering spots and problem areas, it certainly can't hurt to get your skin in to it's best possible shape before your big day. Whether you've never had a spot in your life, (which, lets face facts, surely no one's been that lucky!), or whether you suffer with break outs, problem areas, dull skin, acne or terribly dry skin, it's never too early to start prepping.

    Exfoliate, cleanse, tone & moisturise

    You know the daily beauty routine you've said you'll start...? Well, today's the day! Beginning the day with a light exfoliation, cleansing and toning, and popping on some moisturiser may seem like real effort, and you'll try and tell yourself you don't have time, but for the sake of a few extra minutes, trust me, the results pay off!

    Plenty of sleep

    A good nights sleep makes a visible difference your skin. When sleep deprived, we make more of the stress hormone Cortisol, which can increase the severity of inflammatory conditions such as Acne or Psoriasis. Ok, so I know it's easier said that done, we all have busy lives, and if you have kids, well, it seems almost an impossibility! Definitely worth making the effort to catch more early nights though, especially in the lead up to your wedding.

    Up your water intake

    Not everyone agrees that water consumption will improve your skins appearance, however drinking plenty of water does help rid the body and skin of toxins. There are lots of people who have increased their water intake and report that their skin was noticeably more radiant. Can't hurt though, right?

    Dieting and food

    Ditch those crash diets! Lack of food during crash diets cause your body to go in to starvation mode, which signal your body to store its fat reserves and burns lean tissue to make up for it. The results often mean a loss of lean body mass, water and muscle and happens so quickly that your skin does not have enough time to adjust to the new shape of the structure beneath it. The results are areas of sagging and loose skin. Yikes!

    Crash dieting means you will be eating a significantly reduced amount of calories and in turn nutritional deficiencies are extremely common. Being your body's biggest organ, your skins needs certain nutrients to surive and thrive and many of the vitamins and minerals that your skin need to come from your diet. A balanced diet is the way forward to achieve your best skin. No quick fixes, I'm afraid!

    So there you have a few top tips to get you started - No time like the present!